Girls' Outdoor Leadership

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Girls need the Outdoors and the Outdoors needs Girls.

Rooted in leadership and focused on the natural environment, our Girls Outdoor Leadership program is both an exploration of the Lowcountry and an opportunity for self empowerment.

Designed for young women* ages 11 to 15, this after school program is a unique experience that brings girls from around the Lowcountry that share a common love for the outdoors and self improvement.

Led by Kyndra Luce, an experienced outdoor leader, camp director, and literal embodiment of "pretty and strong," she brings decades of experience to the program.  Kyndra teaches leadership through action, kindness, and an attitude of openness.

This course is meant to be a holistic program; much like joining a sports team, participants are expected to attend the scheduled events in order to maximize their growth and experience.

April Session: Monday, April 1 through April 22, with a Family Campout Saturday night, April 27

May Session: Mondays, April 29 - May 21, with a Family Campout Saturday, June 1

Drop off at Half Moon Outfitters on Folly Road 3:00-4:00 (we can be flexible with school schedules) and pick up at 6:30 pm.

  • Lesson 1: Leadership Styles / Kayaking at Charleston Outdoor Adventures
  • Lesson 2: Group Dynamics  / Learn Knots and Build Shelters
  • Lesson 3: Managing Conflict / Climbing Wall at JICP
  • Lesson 4: Girls in the Outdoors / Campfire building and safety
  • Lesson 5: Overnight Family Campout!  (Girls are in charge)

Tuition is $150, which includes lessons, transportation, snacks, kayaking, climbing wall and family campout.  Girls will need to bring a water bottle and dress for the weather.  You'll need family gear for the campout - we'll talk more about this in the class. 

*Famous Adventures welcomes all young people who identify as female.

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