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WCBD News2 "Cool Camps"with Mayci McLeod - Feb, 2016
Owner of Famous Adventures, Kyndra Luce, says, “A lot people say, ‘Where are you located?’ And I say ‘Well, in the outdoors’.”
Kids will hop in a kayak or strap into a harness with a new adventure every day.
Luce says, “My passion is getting kids outside and doing fun things and also teaching them what they’re capable of.”
No experience is necessary, all that’s needed is a little bit of courage to try something new.
Luce says, “We go kayaking we go surfing, we go to the climbing wall, we do all kinds of things that are the hook to get them in.”
There’s something to learn everywhere, in the middle of a Lowcountry marsh or high up in the air at Wild Blue Ropes.
Luce says, “Each of the things that we do, for instance, when they go kayaking they learn about birds, they learn about the ecology of the marshes which are very important to being in Charleston. When we go out on the ropes course, one of my other instructors is actually a physics teacher so she likes to talk about the different things that it means that they are hanging from this rope.”
And while some of it may be challenging, or a little scary, nothing beats that feeling of success.
Luce says, “It’s not so much the big activities, it’s that group experience that we have every week.”
Drone footage courtesy of: Charleston Outdoor Adventures.

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