Famous Adventures' 2020 Community Commitment and COVID-19 Policies

Camp is opening on June 1, 2020! 

Our priority continues to be the health and safety of our camp family and our larger Charleston community.  SC guidelines may necessitate closing again during the summer.  

We are looking forward to getting outdoors with your kiddos, safely, and with new guidelines in place.  (Scroll down for references).  

1. New COVID-19 policies are detailed throughout this page, summarized on our COVID-19 specific waiver

  • Please note that campers MUST WEAR A FACE COVERING while riding in the vans. Coverings will also be worn at the climbing wall, Wild Blue Ropes course, during education programs with CCPRC, and possibly other times.  **July 3: in accordance with City of Charleston, campers will wear masks in public as much as possible.  
  • Campers who have traveled by plane or bus 14 days prior to camp will not be admitted
  • We'll also ask if your child lives with or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or if your child is diagnosed with or has symptoms of COVID-19

2. Drop off and pick up locations have moved: 

  • Coleman meets at Moultrie Plaza (Bottles Parking Lot) 610 Coleman Blvd
  • Folly still meets in South Windermere, now in front of Earth Fare

3. Schedule changes:

  • We will not be visiting the Aquarium this season.  Adventure schedule 1 will replace this with a downtown scavenger hunt / escape style game


We're happy to help with any questions at 843-801-3924

***Updated July 10, 2020***

We're wearing masks in public as much as possible in accordance with the City of Charleston regulation.  Parents, we ask you to wear masks at pick up and drop in addition to social distancing (required prior).  

*** Updated May 21, 2020 ***

SC issued camp guidelines today, and we're already implementing them!  They reiterated the guidelines from CDC, ACA and SCDHEC



*** Updated May 19, 2020 ***

We are waiting to hear about taking groups to a few locations before we can open fully.  Schedule changes include: 

  1. Charleston Outdoor Adventures, Wild Blue Ropes, the Climbing Wall at JICP are all open for us this summer! 
  2. Mini Camp will visit Caw Caw and Palmetto Island County Parks (with Master Naturalist Mr. Bryan!), but the parks' educational programs are not yet open. 
  3. The SC Aquarium remains closed.   Adventure Group 1 will still visit waterfront park on Wednesdays as planned.
  4. Folly Beach still doesn't allow groups.  Mini Camp and Adventure 2 will spend the day crabbing, fossil hunting, etc. along smaller beachfront areas.
  5. Botany Bay remains closed.  Groups will visit Caw Caw and Stono River park instead.  

New COVID-19 policies to align with the new American Camp Association guidelines: 

  1. Staff and campers will be required to wear a maskduring check in and check out, while riding in the van, at the climbing wall, and when interacting with vendors (very limited contact with all vendors, but this may include having a climbing harness checked, fitting kayaks, etc)
  2. Staff members and campers are not allowed to attend camp if they have traveled by bus or plane within the previous 14 days.  
  3. See below for more requirements.  Our previous policies align with CDC and ACA recommendations.  

*** Updated April 27, 2020 ***

We encourage parents to read and understand all of these guidelines before camp begins. Helping campers understand our new rules may also help to alleviate any concerns about joining in!  This could be the first time you or your camper has been in a group setting in a long time, and our staff understand the mental, emotional, and behavioral effects that may have.  We're trained to help! 


Our commitment:  SC has been comparatively liberal with their re-opening policies, and we will wait until the City of Charleston, Folly Beach, and SCDHEC approve our type of business opening.

We also understand that carriers of COVID-19 can be asymptomatic.  Even with screening (see below) we cannot guarantee that your child will not be exposed to the virus either at camp or traveling to and from.  We will do everything possible to minimize risk while still operating within our camp structure. 

    Our plans include (but are certainly not limited to!)

    • Increased hand-washing with soap and water
      Before eating, after using the bathroom, between activities, and before getting on the van. 
    • Decrease contact between groups
      Limit exposure to only the 13 campers and 2 staff in each camper's group.  Stay away from other camps and families in public areas.
    • No more indoor time 
      We'll bring sweet treats to camp instead of going in shops; we won't go to the movies if it rains; etc.  We *might* not visit the aquarium as planned for Adventure Group 1.  We are waiting to hear back from them about their new policies.  
    • Only use outfitters who are following our new policies, too
      We've shared all of this information with our partners, and we've encouraged them to adopt all of these with their staff and customers.  *See aquarium, above.  
    • Staff education
      Train staff appropriately, offer sick leave and require screening (see below).  Provide gloves and masks.  There is more in our staff manual, and we will update weekly.  

    Our new daily check in procedure / camper screening: 

    To protect our campers and staff, we are implementing the revised 2020 ACA infectious diseases policy specific to COVID-19.  If you are attending ANY day or overnight camps this summer, these should be in place at drop off:

      • Campers will stay by their cars and wait for a Famous Adventures staff to come check them in (ie, parents, please practice social distancing)
      • Staff will have the option of wearing masks and gloves for check in (updated May 19, face covering required)
      • Campers and staff will be screened each morning.  Campers or staff are not allowed to attend if: 
        • presenting with a fever over 100.4.  We will check temperature with a forehead thermometer
        • present with a persistent, dry cough
        • have traveled to CDC hotspots within 2 weeks
        • live with person infected with COVID-19 
        • (updated May 19, travel by plane or bus 14 days prior to camp, campers are not admitted)
      • Campers will wash hands before joining their group.  
    • Campers who develop a cough may be provided a face mask, and may be sent home.  If a camper develops a fever during the day, they will be sent home.   

    Finally, campers and staff are welcome to wear* masks and gloves during the day, or at specific areas.  This is not required. Parents, much like hats for sun protection, we'll encourage campers to wear a mask if provided, but they are responsible for keeping up with and using their personal gear.  

    (*updated May 19, face covering required)


    We have extended our cancellation policy to help you make the best decision for your camper and your family.  

    To re-open camp with the most up-to-date safely plans in place, we've compiled this information from:

    *** Updated April 13, 2020 ***


    If state and city-wide closures are are still in effect after May 15, we'll begin contacting registered parents 2 weeks before your scheduled camp date

    • We will refund any camp closed for COVID-19
    • We have also extended your cancellation deadlines to give families more time to examine their own situation.  TOC here


    *** Updated March 30, 2020 ***

    Famous Adventures remains closed through April 30

    We appreciate the many families who trust Famous Adventures to provide fun and enriching outdoor adventure programs, and we can't wait to see you again soon! 

    We are crossing all of our fingers and toes that our community is safely on the other side of the pandemic by June 1.  As your camp week(s) approach(es), look for emails about re-opening, new policies, and/or refunds.  

    We are committed to refunding all families if your camp is cancelled due to COVID-19 closures. 


    *** Updated March 19, 2020 ***

    Out of an abundance of caution, and in support of our community, Famous Adventures will close until further notice.  This includes scheduled Spring Break camps.

    We appreciate the many families who trust Famous Adventures to provide fun and enriching outdoor adventure programs, and we are often able to provide these during school closures.  We feel strongly, though, that COVID-19 is a different kind of school closure. 

    We want to do our part to protect our community.  Famous Adventures encourages parents to stay home with your campers if you are able.   We understand that not everyone has that privilege, and our research suggests that babysitters and nanny shares are the best option right now.  

    Refunds for Spring Break? We had camps planned for April 6-10 and April 13-17.  However, to follow the recommended break prescribed by CCSD, we have decided to cancel and refund those camp weeks.

    What about summer?  We have not cancelled summer camps (June 1-August 19).  Like all of us, we wish we had a timeline for the near future!  We are monitoring the American Camp Association and listening to our public health officials.  We look forward to getting outdoors with you again soon. 

    We'll publish information about re-opening, and implementing new camp safety precautions, as our shared knowledge of Coronavirus evolves.

    Finally, go outdoors!  We encourage families to take time each day to enjoy the outdoors - go for walks around your neighborhood and visit our wild places on foot or by kayak, boat, bicycle, surfboard, etc.

    Thank you for your careful attention to this!  We will continue to update this page as needed.


    Parent Resources: 

    Center for Disease Control COVID-19 updates: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/index.html

    South Carolina DHEC: https://scdhec.gov/health/infectious-diseases/viruses/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19

    American Camp Association Updates: https://www.acacamps.org/resource-library/coronavirus-information-camps

    SC Governor's Office: https://governor.sc.gov/sites/default/files/Documents/Executive-Orders/Day%20Camp%20Guidlines.pdf

    Talking to kids about COVID-19: 

    The cough pocket! https://parenting.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/04/30/use-your-cough-pocket/

    PBS kids for parents: https://www.pbs.org/parents/thrive/how-to-talk-to-your-kids-about-coronavirus

    Washington Post "flatten the curve" simulator: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/world/corona-simulator/




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