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1. Refunds and Cancellations
2. Camper Code of Conduct
3. FAQs

Refunds and Cancellations

*Please note: the additional online fee is non-refundable. Our credit card provider changed their policy, and we have to change ours.  

Summer and School-Year Camps

NEW Refunds and Cancellation Terms updated Nov 4, 2020: 

  • Cancellations for any reason between registration date and the Thursday before camp (72 hours before camp): cancellation fee is 1/2 of total registration
  • Cancellations for any reason less than 72 hours of your camp start date: no refunds.  No refunds will be given if you cancel Friday, Saturday or Sunday before camp beginning on Monday.  
  • ANY participant dismissed for conduct, or who withdraws from camp voluntarily, for any reason, will not receive a refund. See Camper Code of Conduct below.
  • We proceed with camp in most weather.  See "what if it rains?" in FAQs below.
  • Campers (or parents) who cannot or will not follow our COVID-19 policies will be dismissed without refund. 




Camper Code of Conduct

(Parents and campers will be asked to sign the "Camper Code of Conduct" as part of the camp paperwork.)

Famous Adventures is provides campers with outdoor adventure opportunities in a physically and emotionally safe environment. We believe in experiential learning to promote personal success. We strive to teach self-confidence, decision-making and social skills, and environmental awareness.

In order to maintain a positive and safe environment, we use the three “Rs”

Respect yourself
Respect others
Respect your surroundings

Respect yourself: wear appropriate clothes and close-toed shoes each day so you are comfortable. Bring water bottle. Ask staff for help if you have trouble with an activity or with a camper or staff member, so that we can help you. Accept responsibility for your actions. Commit to having fun, staying positive, challenging yourself, and staying with the group at all times.

Respect others: ALWAYS follow safety rules and listen to instructions from staff and outfitters. Encourage others to listen, too. Communicate and listen to others, and refrain from foul language, slurs, and harsh words. Actively support the staff and campers. Respect each other. Don’t tease, or exclude other campers.

Respect your surroundings: follow the Leave No Trace principles that we learn on opening day. Stay with the group at all times. Follow instructions from staff and outfitters. Don’t litter. Don’t borrow or take things that don’t belong to you. Campers are not allowed in vehicles unsupervised.

Failing to follow these respectful guidelines may result in one or more of these actions:

  • Verbal warning from camp staff

  • Timeout from scheduled activities

  • Parent/Guardian phone call

  • Suspension or dismissal from camp*

*The following actions are not tolerated, and will result in immediate dismissal, without refund.
  • Fighting or attempting to fight, including hitting, biting, kicking, or otherwise injuring or attempting to injure a camper or staff.  

  • Bullying.  

  • Continuously disruptive or disrespectful behavior.

  • Excessively unsafe behavior, or actions that endanger the safety of others.

  • Use and/or possession of drugs or controlled substances, alcohol, tobacco, and any type of weapon or dangerous material.

Camp FAQs

Can I bring a friend?

Yes!  Of course!  However, remember that we have groups of just 13 campers.  We've found that bringing many friends can create disruptive group behavior. We will divide friend groups of more than 4 campers.

Adventure Campers (grade 4+) register for group 1 or 2, so more than 4 friends will need to choose to do different activities or different weeks. 

Mini Campers (grade 1-3) will be divided into groups A and B a few days before camp begins.  Let us know your friend request of 1 or 2 other campers in advance, please!

Can I bring electronics?

No!  Leave phones, gaming devices (and anything fragile or expensive) at home. You may be allowed to play on screens, but your new camp friends may not be!  Plus, things get wet and stepped on during camp, and Famous Adventures is not responsible for electronics.  Phones will be taken up and given to a camper's pick up person at the end of the day (again, not responsible for it!) 


My child has special needs...

We welcome campers of most abilities, with advanced planning!  Our staff have experience with a wide range of campers, and we can accommodate allergies, medications, and some physical differences.  Our program structure may be tough for kids with some emotional or physical needs.  


What if it rains?

Famous Adventures proceeds as usual on rainy days (and cold days, during the school year).  We go ahead with most activities in the rain, find picnic shelters to dry out and play games, and we'll have fun despite a dreary day.  Campers may come home muddy! 

We will cancel or reschedule outfitted activities (climbing, surfing, boating etc) in dangerous wind or lightning and find safer alternatives.  


Will I get photos?

Yes!  We use Remind to send updates and photos during camp.  The app is not required to receive texts, simply respond to the registration that will be texted to you prior to camp. 


Tell me more about Famous Adventures staff..

We are camp professionals.  Learn more about our staff and our philosophy



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