About Us

At Famous Adventures, we believe that every child is full of great ideas, capable of achieving their dreams, and in-need of inspiring adults.

Famous Adventures Camp PhilosophyWe believe that developing their connection to the natural world -- and to one another -- will help them find their greatest passions.  When kids unplug, when they slow down, when they focus on the world around them, they begin to discover who they are.  We firmly believe nature facilitates introspection and positive development.

While your children are young, give them time to observe the rise and fall of the tides, to sketch the details of a seashell, and to push their the limits on a high ropes course.  With each step outside of their comfort zones, children begin to figure out how strong and smart they really are.  

We also believe that you're never too old to enjoy Adventures to the fullest.

The same rules above apply to you, too!  We offer team-building and special events for adults.  Join us for an afternoon of Environmental Volunteerism today.  

Did you know?

Our staff:camper ratio is 2 staff to 13 campers.  An adult (age 25+) and a student (16-21 years old) lead each trip.  All of the Famous Adventures staff have completed: 

  • Background checks and professional references
  • Darkness to Light child sexual abuse prevention and reporting training
  • First Aid and CPR.  All adult staff are Wilderness First Aid or equivalent (overnight camp standard).
  • Staff training specific to Famous Adventures
  • Drivers have additional DMV record checks
  • Our outfitters exceed the standards in their industries.  See our partners below if you're looking for trusted specialty camps.  
If you're considering any type of child care, we encourage you to ask about each of these before you sign up!

Kyndra Luce - Owner & Lead Guide

Kyndra Luce, Owner, Famous AdventuresBorn and raised in Charleston, Kyndra has been exploring the Lowcountry for decades.  Her passion for the outdoors led her to study Recreation at Appalachian State University with a concentration in Outdoor Education. She also holds a Master's Degree from the University of Georgia in Recreation, where she ran the Outdoors Program while attending graduate school.

She is certified in CPR and Wilderness First Aid, and has the mantra "Safety First, Awesome Second."

She has thru-hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, worked as a Wilderness Instructor for at-risk youth, competed in an Olympic-distance triathlon, spent 3 months touring the National Parks, and bicycled 500 miles across North Carolina.  She still camps on a regular basis, and is serious about s'mores.

Meagan Collins - Lead Guide

Meagan Collins - Lead GuideMeagan grew up in Atlanta, GA, with a family that often camped and hiked in The National Parks.  She is no stranger to Adventure!  Meagan graduated from College of Charleston with a degree in Science Education, and is currently earning her MEd from the Citadel. She holds CPR and Wilderness First Aid certifications.

A high school physics teacher at Porter-Gaud School, Meagan also coaches the swim team and trebuchet competitions.  Meagan and her family sail to the Bahamas each summer to enjoy some serious fishing.

Josh Jettie - Lead Guide

Josh Jettie Famous AdventuresJosh is a Hilton Head native who has traveled all over the world on adventures!  In this photo, he's in honeymooning in Iceland.  How crazy, cool is that?   Seriously adaptive to all climates, Josh is also at home on the water here in the Lowcountry.  While serving six years as a river boat Captian in the Navy,  Josh spent hundreds of hours teaching young people in Iraq and Honduras about all things water.  He is a certified Naval Class 2 Combat Swimmer, "which means I can swim and help people who are drowning." That's quite an understatement, and Josh will be your best buddy this summer with all of this stories and super-hero rescue skills.  


Emma Dufresne - Instructor

Emma Dufresne Famous Adventures StaffEmma is a rising junior at Agnes Scott College in Decatur GA.  
She is a camp gal at heart and is excited to spend the summer at home in Charleston.  Emma has been attending summer camp in North Carolina since she was 9 years old, continuing as a counselor for the past three years.  She enjoys camping, kayaking, climbing, biking, and ultimate frisbee. Most of all, she loves passing on her outdoor enthusiasm to kids - which is exactly what we aspire to do with Famous Adventures.  

Jonathan Laureano - Instructor

Famous Adventures StaffJonathan can often be found at the Tech Help Desk at Porter-Gaud School, where he is currently a Junior.  Jonathan's leadership has been crafted as a member of the Community Emergency Response Team with the West Ashley Police and while completing the Outward Bound Leadership course.  What a great mentor for kids who love the outdoors! 



Our Partners

If you want to continue lessons in any of our outdoor adventures - we highly recommend these folks!
Famous Adventures' partners are carefully curated from across the Lowcountry.  Each instructor is insured, holds appropriate certifications for their sport, and has years of personal and professional experience.  
We LOVE the guides at Charleston Outdoor Adventures!  See dolphins, swim in the creek, and experience coastal life at its best. Our winter trips enjoy private boat tours to Morris Island.
Charleston Outdoor Adventures
Your instructors at Charleston Surf Lessons live to see that moment of riding your first wave.  They inspired so many of our campers to take up surfing after just one lesson, and that's exactly our goal.
Famous Adventures Partner
At Wild Blue Ropes, you'll conquer high and low elements expertly designed for maximum thrills!  A Challenge Like No Other in Charleston.  Truly a fun, confidence-boosting, outdoor Adventure for kids and parents alike.
 Famous Camp Partners
Day trips meet at our favorite outfitter.  Stop in for extra gear while you're there...Half Moon Outfitters


New for our winter camps: learn circus arts with Aerial Fit.  Offering a wide range of classes including low aerial classes like aerial yoga, and classes that take students higher including aerial silks, aerial hoop, and static trapeze.


Famous Adventures Partners