A phenomenal camp! My son comes home each day exhausted and very happy. Kyndra and her staff work so well to make it a fun and safe experience for each child, while encouraging them to test what they believe are their limits."
- Linda Porter, via Facebook

Camp is our passion. 

At Famous Adventures, we believe that every child is full of great ideas, capable of achieving their dreams, and in-need of inspiring adults.

Famous Adventures Camp PhilosophyWe believe that developing their connection to the natural world -- and to one another -- will help them find their greatest passions.  When kids unplug, when they slow down, when they focus on the world around them, they begin to discover who they are.  We firmly believe nature facilitates introspection and positive development.

While your children are young, give them time to observe the rise and fall of the tides, to sketch the details of a seashell, and to push their the limits on a high ropes course.  With each step outside of their comfort zones, children begin to figure out how strong and smart they really are.  

The Lowcountry should be explored.

We also believe that you're never too old to enjoy Adventures to the fullest.

The same rules above apply to you, too!  We offer historic tours, team-building, and special events for adults who know that their adventures are just beginning.  Take time for yourself, and see what you're capable of today.

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