Family Camp IN

Friday Night
April 10, 2020
Family Camp IN!

All families, of any shape and size, are welcome to join in!

HiHeyHello is hosting a camp out alternative, and Famous Adventures can totally get behind a family campout!  

RSVP to let us know you're joining in, please, and we'll follow up. 

Share your photos, witty-late-night-texts, and general silliness with us, and we'll send you a Famous Adventures Sticker, too!

What do we do? 

1. Set up your tent in the backyard, or a pillow fort indoors, or simply gather things that make you feel like you're camping

2. Cook hotdogs or s'mores if you have 'em

3. Tell stories, look up at the stars, play cards.  Your family knows what keeps you together

Tip: Indoors or out, my favorite campfire alternative is a few headlamps wrapped around colorful water bottles.  It makes that magical glow!  

4.  Call it a night when you fall asleep in your tent under the stars, or your pillow fort collapses, or you decide beds are better.  Thanks for joining us in any way, for any amount of time.  

And DONATE!  (not required to participate)

Hi Hey Hello suggests donating the amount of your campsite registration (that's $4 to $30 here in SC parks) to Direct Relief


Hi Hey Hello says: 

Protect the people and places you love by camping at home this Friday, April 10th.  As outdoor enthusiasts, it is our responsibility to limit travel and recreation during this time, let's do this together. 


Thank you for donating your "camp reservation fee" to Direct Relief, a non-profit providing personal protective equipment, and essential medical items to health workers responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19)  in the US and globally.



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