Spring Just Sprang (Again)!

Spring is thought of as the transition to basketball madness, planning for the end of the school year, and getting the lawn mower prepped for another season.  But really, there is much more going on.

Just in the small confines of the backyard there is a small world of Adventure.  Curious kids find these pockets of wonder and want to know more.  And more.  And more.

We love it.

We encourage examining and questioning and respecting nature.  So if you could use a primer to pique your child's interest in the backyard, here are a few examples from ours:

Even the weeds are beautiful
blueberry blossoms 
Blueberry blossoms
Last frost
Early Spring and then a last frost
busy bee
A busy bumblebee is a friendly bumblebee
fresh egg
After a winter break, the chickens are back to work
Just a lazy afternoon in the sunshine

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