It's a good day for coral reefs, and for our skin!  (aka Sunscreen Questions)

The next most common question at Famous Adventures is "Will you make sure my child puts on sunscreen?" and "What kind do you use?"
Yes, to sunscreen! We did our research, and Banana Boat Sport 50+ is the best sunscreen for active kids. We also carry pure Zinc for little cheeks and noses. I should take a video the next time a camper puts Zinc all over and tries to rub it in... at least they're covered!
Banana Boat Sport is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, and, though there are still a lot of ingredients, it does not contain oxybenzone or octinoxate, which were just banned in Hawaii.
Though, really, what's the best sunscreen?!
Historically accurate, good for your skin, and cool on a hot day.
Staff training includes these hints:
- Make sure campers apply sunscreen first thing in the morning. They'll totally say, "I already did." Bonus points for parents, now re-apply anyway.
- Every hour on the water, dry campers' faces with your own towel and reapply sunscreen. Have them apply to arms, backs, legs and feet again. Repeat every couple hours during other activities.
- Use Zinc on noses, tops of ears, backs of necks, and tops of hands. A common place adults get skin cancer (after the face) is the tops of their hands.
And, yes! You can bring your own sunscreen. Plenty of kids are allergic to ingredients in sunscreen, and no wonder! There's tons of stuff in there. We bring along organic sunscreen (Raw Elements 30) in case a child with allergies forgets theirs. You are welcome to request this, of course. I don't think it works as well as Banana Boat, but there aren't chemicals in it.
Swim shirts, hat, sunglasses are all great protection. We know that clothing + sunscreen + water + sand are a terrible mess, but we also know that nobody should go home with more than a sun-kissed face.
Parents, don't forget your daily SPF as well!🌞

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