Beach Nature Notes for Your Explorer

Everyone loves to walk along the beach ... it seems to be a universal human property.  And many times, just being there is a wonderful experience.  Our senses are engaged with the sounds and smells and sights.

Often our curiosity is peaked; what is that shell, or that bird, or that grass that has landed on the beachfront?  How can we record it, engage with it, and find out more about it?

We've created a simple PDF with that in mind; a short worksheet that does not have right or wrong answers, rather a set of prompts to think about the sights and smells and sounds and things that we encounter on the beach.  And while it is geared towards young kids, it can be used by everyone.  It is a simple primer to engage our brains about an important part of the Lowcountry ecosystem.

Download the PDF: Beach Nature Notes PDF

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